Digital forensics

Force 10 is uniquely qualified to tackle digital forensic projects as we not only comprehend the data we are searching for but are also well-versed in the systems and software used to create the data. Our holistic understanding allows us to recreate the target environment in our lab to retrieve data buried deep in production systems. Although we provide traditional e-discovery, which focuses strictly on documents, emails, and simple applications like Microsoft Office, we can go far beyond that.

What Sets Us Apart

Force 10 professionals are steeped in fiduciary duty and governance issues as well as accounting, finance, and litigation. This wealth of knowledge underpins our capability to effectively look for, analyze and present data in ways that increase litigation leverage. Additionally, our expertise allows us to help attorney clients make sense of complex data.

Force 10 maintains a datacenter where we replicate and virtualize a custodian's production environment to access information that isn't stored in commonly used file types and filesystems. This means Force 10's capabilities go far beyond just "production" of "TIFFs" and "natives." By way of example, recently, Force 10 cloned a company's production system and then analyzed database queries and field-level data to determine a company's profit formula. In doing so, we demonstrated that this company was intentionally designed to run at a loss. In another recent case, our professionals analyzed an inventory management system to review SKU-level information.


We also provide traditional e-Discovery services. Force 10 is often called into a custodian's production environment to create forensic images. Our discovery and litigation experts possess extensive experience in data collection and preservation, forensics, processing, early case assessment, custom data analytics, managed and technology-assisted review. Our in-house system is a cloud-based instance of Relativity which facilitates our attorney clients' remote access and collaborative review. Additionally, our competence in production and project management support, along with our expert analysis and testimony, produce sharp insights and credible results at very competitive rates.

Force 10 employs sophisticated data analytics techniques across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to rationalize large, data-intensive investigations and litigation to quickly identify relevant items, reduce review populations and improve review efficiency.