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We are an advisory firm specializing in corporate restructuring, challenged businesses, litigation, and other special situations.

We work with the legal community and their clients to create advantage and financial return. Our unique insight is an amalgamation of accounting, finance, strategy, and gamesmanship -- all rooted in years of experience.

After 25 years of working at large firms, we formed Force 1o Partners to do it our way.


Force 10's deep subject matter expertise and technical financial aptitude is applied to
litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency situations in the following roles:



Corporate Restructuring Services

Force 10's professionals have substantial experience and thoroughly understand the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. We advise clients through complex corporate restructurings, including both in and out-of-bankruptcy court matters. Many of our clients have complex capital structures, cross-collateralization issues, owner/shareholder fiduciary/conflict of interest concerns, and other issues. [Learn More]

Fiduciary Services

Force 10's breadth of skills and experience with operating businesses, financial discipline, forensic accounting, and litigation support have been widely recognized as an excellent fit for being appointed and serving in fiduciary capacities. Generally, Force 10 is appointed as a fiduciary in situations involving complex litigation, financial disputes, breaches of fiduciary duties, and general supervision and oversight of a business. [Learn More]

Forensic Accounting

Force 10 professionals have an investigative mindset, deep analytical skills, and extensive experience in performing investigative and forensic accounting services. Our clients include boards of directors/special committees, creditors’ committees, plaintiff’s legal counsel, defendant’s legal counsel, and trustees. These services encompass fraud investigation, financial disputes, fraudulent transfers, and the application of complex accounting issues. [Learn More]

Turnaround & Crisis Management

Force 10’s team works closely with our clients' management teams, board of directors, and investors to develop and implement turnaround plans through significant improvement in financial and operating performance. We have extensive operating experience and know-how to quickly stabilize a crisis. We provide an independent evaluation of the key business drivers, operating infrastructure, competitive landscape, and strategy to reduce losses, increase liquidity, and improve the performance of the business. [Learn More]

Investment Banking

Force 10 professionals hail from leading investment banks (Oppenheimer, CIBC World Markets and Jefferies) and have decades of experience advising on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate finance for distressed and healthy companies. Our leading market share in transactions taking advantage of section 363 of the bankruptcy code is well known. [Learn More]


Digital Forensics

Force 10 is uniquely qualified to tackle digital forensics projects as we not only comprehend the data we are searching for but are also well-versed in the systems and software used to create the data. Our holistic understanding allows us to recreate the target environment in our lab to retrieve data buried deep in production systems. Although we provide traditional e-discovery, which focuses strictly on documents, emails, and simple applications like Microsoft Office, we can go far beyond that. [Learn More]

Expert Testimony

Force 10 professionals are competent and credible expert witnesses with experience testifying about solvency, valuation, interest rates, securities, and accounting, as well as professional duty of care standards including financial advisors and investment bankers. [Learn More]


Our Team

We apply the intellectual equivalent of mechanical advantage to deliver
force amplified results. Learn more about each of us:




The Rest of the Team


Force 10 achieves success in every major industry by pairing financial and technical aptitude with industry expertise.

Track Record

We extend our track record of success with each new engagement.
The following represents Force 10 professionals' successes:



Debtor FA . . .

  • Trade Global/Jagged Peak
  • Sugarfina
  • Thomas Health System
  • Sienna Biopharmaceuticals
  • Warrior Golf
  • VNA California
  • Coastal International
  • South Coast Behavioral Health
  • Pacific Mortgage Exchange
  • XS Ranch
  • Hoag Urgent Care
  • Freedom Communications
  • The Signature Towers
  • AirFasttickets, Inc.
  • Bacchus Development
  • Breckenridge Food Systems & Related Debtors
  • Metropolitan Automotive
  • RCR Plumbing & Mechanical ($250m in sales)
  • IS West
  • CyberDefender
  • Renaissance Surgical Arts
  • Don Rose Oil

Creditor FA . . .

  • Ruby's Restaurants
  • Point.360
  • Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles
  • Carl’s Furniture
  • AGE Refining
  • Crystal Cathedral Ministries
  • Background Images

Fiduciary Roles . . .

  • Manager, Frost Funds
  • Receiver, Eagan Avenatti
  • CRO, Scoobeez
  • CRO, VNA California
  • Custodian, Travana
  • Delaware Chancery Court Receiver for AirFastTickets, Inc., a Delaware corporation with subsidiaries in Greece, Germany and the UK.
  • AFT Responsible Party, Debtor in Possession, (1:15-bk-11951) in New York Southern District Bankruptcy Court.
  • Receiver for Professional Healthcare Billing Services, California, Virginia and Wyoming LLCs (3 entities)
  • Receiver, TreFratelli, LLC, a Wyoming LLC
  • Federal Court Appointed Receiver for John Wallace (individual)
  • Bacchus Development & Related Debtors
  • Transaction Manager, Internet Specialties West
  • Breckenridge Food System (John Gantes)
  • SR Restaurant Holdings Group (John Gantes)
  • CIR Restaurant Holdings Group (John Gantes)
  • Evantix
  • Responsible Party for ABC, Sendio
  • Active Wallace Group

Plan Agent/Trustee/Fund Management . . .

  • Frost Funds
  • Rothenberg Ventures
  • AirFastTickets
  • Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles
  • Walldesign Liquidation Trust
  • Auarsound Liquidating Trust
  • Composite Technology Corporation & Related Debtors (4 entities)
  • Internet Specialties West
  • W/C Imports

Investment Banking . . .

  • Sugarfina
  • Friendly Village MHP
  • Rock and Brews
  • eSurface
  • XS Ranch
  • AirfastTickets
  • Internet Specialties West
  • Aloojian Enterprises
  • Medical Capital remnant assets
  • GSP Precision
  • Freedom Communications (The Orange County Register newspaper)
  • Internet Specialties West
  • Medley Capital (Point.360 DIP)
  • United Prosperity Group
  • CTC Corporation
  • CyberDefender
  • CIR Restaurant Holdings Group
  • Aletheia Research and Management
  • AirFastTickets
  • Morgan Drexen
  • Aloojian Enterprises
  • WallDesign Incorporated




Our Offices

Orange County, CA
20341 SW Birch Suite 220
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 357-2360

Los Angeles, CA
10100 Venice Blvd.
Culver City CA 90232
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