Expert Testimony

Force 10 professionals are competent and credible expert witnesses with experience testifying about solvency, valuation, interest rates, securities, and accounting, as well as professional duty of care standards including financial advisors and investment bankers.

A sample of our past engagements includes the following:

  • Expert Witness for Medley Capital in re; Point.360 Debtor in Possession Chapter 11 case #2:17-bk-22432 in California Central District Bankruptcy Court regarding plan feasibility

  • Expert Witness for Terry Lee Fleming in re: Chapter 11 plan feasibility, valuation and interest rates. Case 6:17-bk-19513 in California Central District Bankruptcy Court

  • Expert Witness for Background Images, Inc., Debtor in Possession. Chapter 11 case #2:15bk-25957 in California Central District Bankruptcy Court regarding interest rates and Chapter 11 plan feasibility

  • Expert Witness to Debtor Aletheia Research and Management, Inc. regarding solvency and fraudulent transfer disputes in numerous adversary proceedings. Chapter 7 case #2:12-bk-47718 in California Central Bankruptcy Court

  • Expert Witness in California Superior Court: American Master Lease, LLC v. Idanta Partners, LTD. on valuation and unjust enrichment issues

  • Expert Witness to Debtor Composite Technology Corporation regarding solvency and avoidance actions. Chapter 11 case 8:11-bk-15058 in California Central Bankruptcy Court

  • Expert Witness to secured creditor WR Investments (Woori Bank) in re: Chapter 11 case No.: 6:12-bk-13094-MJ United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California. Provided numerous analytical declarations on plan feasibility and in-court testimony.

  • Expert Witness to Debtor in Possession Internet Specialties West in re: Chapter 11 case No.: 1:12-BK-20897-GM. Provided numerous analytical declarations regarding valuation, solvency, and testimony by deposition and financial advisor in Section 363 sale

  • Expert Witness to Plaintiff Alder Capital Partners, et al. v. Susquehanna Financial Group, L.P. Case No. CGC-09-492589, Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco regarding duty of care and capital markets issues

  • Expert Witness for Plaintiff in re: Signal Hill Service, Inc., et al. v. Macquarie Bank Limited regarding duty of care standards and capital markets issues. Case No. CV11-01539-MMM-(JEMx), United States District Court, Central District of California, Western Division

  • Expert Witness for Defendant, provided opinion, court, and deposition testimony in re: enterprise value, solvency, access to capital, and the value of individual securities in regard to litigation arising from a restructuring. Robert Meister, et al., Plaintiffs, v. Duane Mensinger, Extraview Corporation, et al., Defendants. Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Santa Cruz