Corporate Restructuring Services

Force 10's professionals have substantial experience and thoroughly understand business restructurings. We advise clients through complex corporate restructurings, lender/creditor work-outs, including both in-and out-of-bankruptcy court matters. Many of our clients have complex capital structures, cross-collateralization issues, owner/shareholder fiduciary/conflict of interest concerns, and other issues. Our team can assist with or own this process for companies. Our services include the following:

  • Serve as financial advisor to the debtor, secured lenders, or official committee of unsecured creditors
  • Prepare unbiased quantitative and qualitative assessments of the operational and financial state of affairs
  • Prepare the requisite information needed for filing the bankruptcy petition
  • Prepare all schedules, including the Statement of Financial Affairs
  • Develop cash collateral models and perform detailed analysis of the value of the underlying collateral
  • Develop methodologies and negotiate adequate protection payments and provide declarations in support of cash collateral hearings
  • Represent, facilitate, and manage negotiations with lenders and all other creditors
  • Serve as the Chief Restructuring or acting Chief Financial Officer
  • Solicit Debtor in Possession and/or “exit” financing
  • Manage the valuation/appraisal process for secured creditor claims and valuation hearings
  • Evaluate and manage the diligence and sale of assets under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code
  • Develop "fully loaded" financial projections, operating plans, and “best interest” tests to confirm a Plan of Reorganization
  • Solicit support for the Plan of Reorganization through quantitative articulation with lenders, creditors, and other parties-in-interest
  • Prepare monthly operating reports (MORs) to be submitted to the Office of the U.S. Trustee
  • Reconcile creditor claims
  • Serve as the Liquidating Trustee, Plan Agent, Receiver, or Disbursement Agent

Force 10 also represents secured creditors and creditor committees. We have assisted in evaluation of Plans of Reorganization and have prepared Plans to compete with a Debtor’s Plan to maximize the recovery to our clients. Our services typically include the following:

  • Evaluate the Debtor’s business operations, key metrics, and business viability
  • Assess the feasibility of the Debtor’s proposed Plan of Reorganization vis-a-vis Section 363 asset sale or liquidation
  • Investigate preference actions and analyze insider compensation, prepetition asset transfers/sales, and other actions of directors and officers